Our last blog focused on the need for dementia training, as well as the mounting crisis in Britain relating to the increasing numbers of people living with dementia across the country. A major aspect of dementia, as the condition progresses, is challenging behaviour – and an important area for everyone involved in health and social care training, is the management of such behaviour. The NHS summarises the issue of challenging behaviour in the health and social care sector succinctly:

“A person's behaviour can be defined as "challenging"; if it puts them or those around them (such as their carer) at risk, or leads to a poorer quality of life. It can also impact on their ability to join in everyday activities. Challenging behaviour can include aggression, self-harm, destructiveness and disruptiveness. Communication is the main way we interact and express our needs, likes and dislikes. If communication is a problem, it can be very frustrating for the person and may result in challenging behaviour. If this behaviour leads to a desired outcome, it may be repeated again and again. Challenging behaviour is often seen in people with conditions that affect communication and the brain, such as learning disabilities or dementia.” 

It is only in recent years that serious attention has been given to the problem of social care staff being the victims of violence and aggression from service users. For a long time the attitude towards such behaviour was that it’s “part of the job.” Nowadays, it is very clear that violence in any form (physical or emotional) towards staff is not acceptable. Particularly with dementia, service providers have to deal with challenging behaviour which is out of the control of the service user, adding to the difficulty of such situations. As the Alzheimer’s Society says, “these behaviours can be distressing, both for the person and the carer.” 

It is essential to the wellbeing of service users as well as staff, that staff are properly equipped to manage challenging behaviour by completing care training. Therefore, we have specifically developed two training video courses to address challenging behaviour: Managing Challenging Behaviour and Focus On: Challenging Behaviour.

To help our customers address this key area, we are offering a 25% discount on Managing Challenging Behaviour and/or the Focus On: Challenging Behaviour training video courses. The combination of these two resources will improve the health and safety of your service users, service providers and visitors. (Offer ends 16th August 2017) 

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Managing Challenging Behaviour Titles

 *Our FOCUS ON videos are designed for more experienced trainers who are confident in developing and structuring their own courses. Great for refresher training, these videos feature short filmed scenarios to get your participants thinking and discuss each title. In addition they include 10 study scenarios. To view the full range visit our website.

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