If you’ve suspected that you or a loved one has been suffering with symptoms of Dementia for a while, the official diagnosis can still come as a shock. That’s why there’s a wonderfully wide range of support services on offer for you and your family.

One of the most innovative and successful ventures is the Memory Café. This is where a café or social space opens its door only to those with Dementia and their families to meet in a non-threatening environment and socialize.

There are normally a range of activities on offer, including sing-alongs, film screenings, carer and cared for pampering days, games, visiting speakers and more. There are even spaces that offer dance sessions that cater for those with reduced movement capabilities due to symptoms of dementia.

Memory Boxes are also very popular here, with memorabilia covering the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Looking through these boxes sparks conversation with other patients and allows people to reminisce on what they can remember instead of focusing on what they can’t.

For home carers, this is a welcome opportunity to meet other carers as well as professional care workers. Take this opportunity to swap tips and advice on caring for dementia patients at home.

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