A Panorama documentary on BBC1 on Monday 20th March highlighted the funding crisis facing the UK Social Care industry.

Panorama reveals that care companies have cancelled contracts with 95 councils because they cannot deliver care services for the amount being paid.

The figure for the number of cancelled contracts comes from a Freedom of Information request, which was responded to by 197 of 212 UK councils.

Research has also shown that 25% of home-care companies across the UK are at risk of insolvency, struggling to deliver care for the rates paid by local authorities.

Home-care company Mears used to have a contract with Liverpool City Council but cancelled it in July, saying £13.10 an hour was not enough to cover costs.

Mears said it needed at least £15 an hour, and like other companies across the UK, argued its costs are often greater than what councils pay.

The United Kingdom Home-care Association, which represents providers, recommended pay of at least £16.70 an hour at the time.

Last October, the regulator for England, the Care Quality Commission, warned that adult social care was at a tipping point.

The nationwide shortage of carers is leaving many elderly people stuck in NHS wards, which results in bed blocking.

Government figures show there are more than 6,500 people across Britain stuck in an acute hospital bed, despite being well enough to leave.

'£2bn extra'

Earlier this month, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced £2bn extra for social care for English councils over the next three years.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will decide how they spend their extra funding.

But the industry says that with an increasingly ageing population, it's just not enough to keep pace with demand.

The government has said it will be bringing forward more proposals later this year, to ensure a financially sustainable social care system.

Watch the Panorama documentary here.