‘Confidence, reassurance, knowing you’re in the same boat as others and having someone to share problems with….’

-  Oliver French, Project Manager at Skills for Care

Skills for Care New Registered Managers Pilot Scheme 

Skills for Care have released plans for a new pilot scheme launching in April 2018. The pilot scheme is aimed at newly-qualified registered managers in the Care sector, linking them up with mentors who have been in the industry for some time. This constitutes an important form of on-the-job Care training for newly qualified managers who have been in their post for fewer than 12 months.

The thinking behind this scheme is that more information and on-the-job knowledge can then be be shared down the ‘generations’ of Social Care Management. This will be done by giving these new managers access to the Registered Managers Network - an existing network of managers that provide support and advice to each other as well as forming a discussion space where managers can discuss changes to Social Care laws and how to implement these changes within their organisations.

You can find out more on the Skills for Care blog post about the New Registered Managers Pilot Scheme. Read The Blog Here.

Skills for Care Registered Managers Network

Two-thirds of managers surveyed in the Managers Network in 2017 reported benefiting from sharing best practice, increased confidence and better knowledge of legislation as a result of their attendance. Programmes like these, of course, cannot replace CPD training programmes and Care Certificate training. However, they should be used alongside such accredited Care training to ensure that all managers have a support network as well as their initial training, which will allow them to draw on the collective experiences of other managers within the scheme.

Programmes like the New Registered Managers Pilot Scheme help to grow confidence and reassurance in new managers in Care, as having a support network on hand to give a second opinion is always useful. Networks like these offer great advice for Care managers and are an invaluable resource.

If you are an experienced Care management professional and are interested in reading more about becoming a Registered Manager Member of Skills for Care or a part of their Manager Network, you can read more here: Registered Managers or Registered Managers Network.

This Skills for Care pilot scheme isn’t the only way to ensure that newly qualified managers receive ongoing Care training once they are employed. At BVS we have many video training courses for Social Care, specifically focussing on the needs of managers, that can be undertaken alongside their work and the Newly Registered Manager Scheme, to give new managers a head start in their Care career.

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