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BVS Training is committed to providing the most cost-effective and top quality training resources in the care sector – and we’re always seeking to improve the way we meet our customers’ needs.

That’s why we're offering you a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of our training videos - helping you experience the full benefits of video downloading:

  • Easier sharing of training videos across the organisation
  • Greater flexibility – download onto your PC, laptop or tablet and take your training with you!
  • Downloads don’t go missing or get damaged. If you lose the file just call us to resend the download link.
  • Better picture quality than DVD
  • Easier to manage your training library

Your free download will play for 3 months and can be used in as many training sessions as you like in that time period. All the supporting training materials such as lesson plan, handouts, assessment quiz and certificates can also be downloaded for free. After the 3 months you will be able to purchase the video with an unlimited shelf life if you choose to do so, but there is no commitment. So take advantage of this great offer today. Just select your video from the options below, and provide us with your contact details, and we’ll email a link to your free download. All BVS videos are now available as downloads. We have 4 videos available for the free trial which are:
Care Home Health & Safety
Infection Prevention and Control in the Care Home
Home Care 10: Infection Prevention and Control
Home Care 11: Lone Worker.

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