Wales: The Social Care Induction Framework (SCIF)

Regulatory bodies

  • Social Care Wales came into being in April 2017, replacing the Care Council for Wales. It ensures that the workforce delivering social care services in Wales is regulated and working to a high standard.
  • The Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW) is responsible for the inspection and regulation of childcare, social and non-health care for adults and children, and local authority social services in Wales.
  • The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) is responsible for the inspection and regulation of Welsh NHS services (including Welsh NHS funded care) and independent healthcare services in Wales.

The Social Care Induction Framework

The Social Care Induction Framework for Wales (SCIF) supports a common understanding to induction in social care in Wales. Regardless of whether they are employed full time, part time, sessionally or as a volunteer, the SCIF should be completed by any social care worker who is:

  • new to the care sector, or
  • new to an organisation, or
  • undertaking a new role
  • Workers new to the care sector

The SCIF sets out learning outcomes that new workers joining the social care sector or workers moving to a new organisation need to meet in their first 12 weeks of employment. The National Minimum Standards (NMS) state that induction programmes should take account of the SCIF, which can either be used to structure the induction process or to inform an organisation’s current induction induction helps a new member of staff in the care sector to:

  • understand their job and what’s expected of them
  • understand the support they can expect
  • learn the information they need to do their job well
  • get to know their colleagues and develop good working relationships
  • understand how they can support the people they’ll be working with
  • make sure they’re confident and equipped to provide effective care and support
  • become familiar with their new working environment
  • become confident and equipped to provide effective care and support.

Workers new to the care sector should undertake and complete planned learning and be assessed on all six Learning Objectives of the Induction Framework, and those Learning Objectives relevant to their role (Learning Objective 7 for those working with children and Learning Objective 8 for those working with adults).

Workers who are new to the organisation may not need to complete the full SCIF. Evidence of successful achievement of a relevant qualification and/or induction programme can act as a ‘passport’ and give managers confidence that some areas of induction common to all workplaces have already been covered.

In the social care sector the SCIF can also be used as a framework to structure Continuing Professional Development (CPD), focusing on what the workers learn, providing the opportunity to add their own additional outcomes and record learning and development. The SCIF is generic in nature and each element signposts to more specific information e.g. qualifications etc.

BVS offers a range of training courses for both the Home Care and Care Home sectors, all of which comply with the SCIF. 

More information about the SCIF can be found in the Care Council's SCIF guidance for managers.

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