Most of us have a hobby. From plane spotting to collecting trinkets, playing an instrument to model making, there’s an activity in our lives that doesn’t have to be there but is because we love doing it. Spending a little of our time in a way that’s just for us, keeps us happy.


That’s why we should encourage individuals in social care to continue indulging their hobbies. Happiness comes from more than a safe home and a variety of delicious meals – it also comes from achievements and time spent doing what you love.

Arts and crafts in the care home or domiciliary care setting can be vastly important to the people you support. Keeping the mind occupied with activities the person you're supporting loves can help to fend off any time that may otherwise be spent alone and without purpose.

Some arts and crafts based hobbies also have medical benefits. Sewing and knitting have been proven to reduce arthritis based pain, while intellectually stimulating exercises have been shown to delay dementia symptoms, buying the individual a little more time with their loved ones and their own memories. Furthermore, hobbies not only greatly benefit the wellbeing of residents but they can also make the day to day role of the care worker, equally more enjoyable.

Working to provide residents with activities they enjoy is an important part of keeping individuality – one of the foremost Principles of Person Centred Care. For more information on these Principles for you and your staff, click to read about our DVD courses in Person Centred Care for Domiciliary Care and Care Homes.

Recently, the residents of Holcroft Grange Care Home in Warrington received a gift with knitting supplies from Black Sheep Wools. They quickly decided to start knitting squares in their fortnightly craft sessions to make quilts. These quilts will be donated to Knit For Peace, a charity which distributes quilts amongst hospitals, refugee drop in centres, community groups and developing countries. What a fantastic way to indulge your hobby and give something back to the community.

Read more about the knitting residents of Holcroft Grange here.

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