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BVS are excited to be able to bring you our award-winning video training at NEW low prices!

BVS Training offers the best in social care eLearning training. Our eLearning portal hosts high quality, yet cost-effective, video-based eLearning courses tailored for the social care sector. They are much more efffective than the low-quality text-based courses offered by other eLearning providers.  

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These excellent cost-effective eLearning courses will enable individual learners to spend time training on important subjects in their own time and will enable all staff members to develop skills at their own pace.

The eLearning portal also consists of a demo suite that allows users to view actual course chapters so you can view these before purchase.

Each course will provide learners with the required information about each subject. There is a test at the conclusion of each course which if completed successfully will allow the trainee to access a CPD accredited certificate. Each user will have their own unique log in details and will be able to track their own learning from start to finish.

  • Although not a substitute for practical training, our eLearning courses will provide underpinning knowledge in the relevant subject area and are:
  • A cost-effective way to train staff
  • All courses are video-based in realistic care locations, portraying realistic care scenarios, not just pages of text you would get from other eLearning providers
  • Ideal for individual learners
  • The perfect solution for bigger organisations that have a high turnover of staff
  • Easy to navigate
  • Set up to enable managers to track their staff’s learning and development

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