The benefits of using training videos

The benefits of using training DVDs/videos in health and social care training

Without effective training, care staff cannot deliver high quality care or keep up with regulatory changes. To help managers give their health and social care staff the right support, BVS Training have put together a range of superb training videos/DVDs and resources to do this efficiently and effectively. 

Why video?

BVS Training’s ground-breaking launch of training videos into the health and social care sector transformed the way staff learn - creating a more engaging and richer experience for both employees and their managers. Advances in video/DVD technology have continued to reinforce the trend. Today, more and more care homes and healthcare organisations are turning to video training and eLearning! The benefits are significant:

Reduced costs
Video training has much lower costs than traditional training. For group training with DVDs or downloaded videos, all that is needed is a computer or dvd player, and a TV or monitor screen - no expensive external instructors, travel costs or catered lunches. With our eLearning all that is needed is a computer, tablet or phone. BVS Training’s programmes drastically reduce the planning and organisation of any training too, while the cost of purchase of DVDs and downloads can be offset by usage many times in the future and training can be delivered in-house by a member of staff who can follow the detailed lesson plans provided, and if a member of staff misses the training session they can simply watch the video another day and follow the supporting material. With our eLearning courses staff can access the training whenever it is convenient and follow it at their own pace.

Higher levels of learning retention
Staff generally learn far more effectively through a visual method than more traditional methods such as reading, with easy-to-digest video content leading to much higher levels of learning retention, while also demonstrating realistic health and social care issues, examples and procedures. 

Higher engagement
Video engages and motivates care home staff in a way that text-based communication simply can’t. It showcases the human element, allowing participants to put themselves into specific social care scenarios, helping them work through issues in the training room before the care home itself.  Videos also generate ‘talking points’ with trainers, increasing the effectiveness of face-to-face training.

Greater flexibility
It’s sometimes said that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. But video incorporates both aural and visual learning styles, while our supporting materials cover reading and writing – important flexibility given different individual preferences. Video also helps participants learn at their own pace, at their own time, with the opportunity to re-watch anything they may have missed.

High quality training, from the best experts in the field
Video helps your staff connect to subject matter experts around the country - without having to bring them in. Videos can also be used to demonstrate difficult to explain procedures – without using a live volunteer!

Faster inductions for new staff
Videos help speed up the induction of new team members. And visually-based materials are more easily understood by people having English as a second or third language – an important consideration for organisations with staff originating from outside the UK.


The benefits of using BVS Training DVDs/video

Using BVS Training vs. text based training

More realistic and engaging 

No need to rely on outdated training methods (hard copy training manuals, day long lectures, one way communication environments, etc)

Versus external face-face training

No need to hire a tutor or a venue

Much greater convenience

Not a costly issue if a staff member misses the training session

Not as time-consuming and costly.

Versus online (text based) training

BVS Training is more realistic and engaging 

N.B. BVS Online training

While care homes generally use our training videos directly, with in-house trainers frequently using our videos to support their own face-face training, they sometimes find it more convenient to access our training videos and course content online through our eLearning portal. This can be accessed here.

BVS is the UK's leading provider of video-based health and social care training.