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At BVS we give you video-based training resources that are developed by leading consultants in the social care and childcare sectors and that offer you a cost effective and time efficient way of training your staff.
Our resources are created to help meet the required standard of training requested by the relevant organisations in each sector and for each country in the UK. 
For example, the Care Quality Commission, Skills for Care and the Care Certificate Standards in England and AWIFHSC standards in Wales, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for Childcare, and The Resuscitation Council (UK) for First Aid. We have developed over 70 care specific training resource packages at BVS which includes a full induction programme for Care Home and Home Care (Domiciliary Care) environments, and we have six training courses for Childcare staff training (EYFS).
Our titles
Mapped to relevant standards in each country in the UK for social care and Childcare including:
Skills for Care's Care Certificate Standards (England)
The new All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care (AWIFHSC) (Wales)
First Aid courses follow guidelines set by The Resuscitation Council (UK)
National Care Standards (Scotland)
Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) Standards of Practice (Northern Ireland)
Childcare courses mapped to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
All courses also linked to requirements for RQF units
Designed to cover all aspects of the social care worker's duties and safeguarding and child welfare requirements for Childcare staff.
Cost-effective, whether you're a large business, an agency or a single worker
Award winning Video Training Packages available on DVD, as Downloads or eLearning
Assist in delivering more effective training
Full of clear and memorable information
Monitor retention with comprehensive assessment questions
Buy with Confidence
BVS Training is the leading provider of award winning training resources for the care sector. Our resources and our customer service reflect how we endeavour to maintain that position and standard. Click on any of our product pages to view samples of our materials now!
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