In April 2018 a fundamental change took place to the way new Social Care Staff begin their formal training across Wales. SCIF (Social Care Induction Framework) has historically been used to underline the key learning components which are vital for new staff starting their journey in Social Care. SCIF has since been replaced by AWIFHSC (All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care) and this new framework now outlines all the appropriate knowledge, values & skills Care Workers should cover as part of their induction training. Our AWIFHSC guide below will tell you some of the key points on what’s included within the framework and why this is a positive step for Care Providers.

AWIFHSC Framework Wales

AWIFHSC compliance is now a hot topic across the care sector in Wales and because this framework is brand-new care providers do have a grace period before SCIF certification is fully closed. At present if new Care Staff are still mid-way through their SCIF qualifications they have until the 31st September 2018 to complete those courses before the new AWIFSC qualifications fully replace them.

What’s Included In The AWIFHSC Framework?

The new AWIFHSC framework is a positive development and one that should improve basic induction training across Wales.  Induction training following the AWIFHSC framework will:

-  Help Care Workers better understand their new role and how their responsibilities affect colleagues and care receivers

-  Help familiarise new staff with their working environments

-  Provide useful information on how new staff can form strong relationships with colleagues, as well as information on the importance of good working relationships

-  Help Care Workers who are new to the role understand how they can support the many people they work with

To complete the full AWIFHSC induction training staff must complete 7 different modules ranging from Health & Wellbeing through to Safeguarding Adults and Professional Practices.  Like before you can complete sections at different times and all progress is saved in log books however for the induction training to meet AWIFHSC compliance all 7 sections of the framework must be complete. The recommended timeframe for completing the induction framework is 6 months however Adult Placement or Foster Carers may take slightly longer.

Why Use In The AWIFHSC Framework?

There are many reasons for managers to adopt the AWIFHSC framework within their own induction programmes and none are more pertinent than the fact that statuary guidance states that Care Providers ‘need to ensure that they have an induction programme that equips all new staff to be confident in their roles and enables them to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of individuals using the service’. By using the new AWIFHSC framework Care providers are ensuring that their basic induction programme comfortably meets the minimum state expectations and that gives greater confidence to managers and care workers – as well as reducing the risk of future liabilities. It also ensures staff receive the latest AWIFHSC qualifications which are more robust than previous counterparts and likely to have a longer lifespan than previous certificates.  The framework also has a broad appeal in terms of the care sector with modular content being relevant for workers in Residential Care, Domiciliary Care, Adult Care Home Workers & Support Workers in Clinical Healthcare.

Who Is The AWIFHSC Framework Designed For?

Even if you have previously completed the incumbent SCIF framework it’s still good practice to dedicate some time to AWIFHSC in the future. Primary the AWIFHSC induction framework is for Care Workers who are new to the sector and who quickly need to build up their all round knowledge and experience. The course covers all the basic role requirements and should act as the perfect introduction into what is expected. Additionally, the new framework is also highly suitable for Care Workers who have recently moved organisation or Care Workers moving from one sector of care to another. Even if previous Care Workers are familiar with a lot of the framework content it’s a fantastic exercise to pinpoint gaps in knowledge and gives managers piece of mind that the same level of basic training has been a shared experience across the full workforce.

We hope you found our basic AWIFHSC guide useful and we are more than happy to have a more detailed conversation with you if your organisation has any specific requirements. We also offer video-training bundles which are directly mapped to the AWIFHSC requirements, which should make organising future training a breeze:

Welsh Framework Care Home Bundles

Welsh Framework Home Care Bundles