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Ark Healthcare Limited Case Study - Online Training Platform Development and Implementation

Ark Healthcare Limited Case Study In June 2013, Ark Healthcare approached BVS Training to assist them with a new project that they were about to undertake.

Having been a client of BVS’ previously, Ark Healthcare were well aware of the training materials that BVS produced and as such had decided to develop their own online training portal to provide their staff with in-house training. As one of the most trusted brands in the care industry, Ark were confident that working with BVS would enhance their care support offering and ensure that each member of staff was subject to a consistent and meaningful training platform. Further to this, it would be one that they would own and have full control over.

Ark had recognised the need for training to be a fully independent function of their business. They were able to identify that by doing this they were aiding their staff to maintain the high standards of service that they had come to be known for. This was seen as a fundamental advantage for Ark in the care industry. In addition to this, Ark would save thousands of pounds in training costs per year. No longer would Ark have to budget for offsite or onsite training from external trainers, nor would they need managers and supervisors to take time out of their busy schedules to train staff, the solution for Ark went from a great idea to a necessity.

Ark presented their ideas and non-negotiable requirements for the portal to BVS and our development team, and together we were able to create a solution that was not only cost effective for Ark but also gave them the flexibility to train, track and monitor the progress of each staff member. With close to 1000 users having access to the Ark portal which included 24 courses that Ark had chosen from our range, the build of the platform to Ark’s specifications was significant. All developmental stages were monitored and discussed in detail by all parties, working together to achieve the desired result for Ark.

BVS also helped Ark to develop their additional training resources which included our CPD accredited certificates, lesson plans, hand-outs and quizzes. All staff at Ark now have access to BVS’ award winning training all year round, with the ability to train and learn in a stress free environment or in the comfort of their own homes. A complete package with depth and substance to accompany a very user friendly and engaging training portal that we are sure will maintain Ark’s standing as a leader and innovator in the care industry.

“At Ark we believe that focused, meaningful and effective training is at the centre of the quality care we provide. We were really excited at the prospect to work with BVS, we knew their products were of the high standard that we expect from one of the UK’s best social care training providers.

BVS and their development team were able to work with all of our training requirements and specifications, we set some very clear goals and deadlines all of which BVS were able to meet, whilst importantly, keeping costs under budget.

BVS have helped Ark realise a vision we had to streamline our training which will only help to propel us forward in our endeavours to be at the pinnacle of social care. Thank you BVS!”

-Ark Healthcare

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