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Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding  Adults is a fundamental requirement of top quality care. BVS Training offers comprehensive and in-depth training in recognising abuse to vulnerable adults and avoiding behaviour that could be having a detrimental effect on Service Users.

The 2014 Care Act now recognises ten key areas of abuse, rather than the 6 categories previously outlined by No Secrets. These categories are:


Emotional Abuse

Physical Abuse

Financial abuse

Modern Slavery

Psychological Abuse


Everyone deserves to live their life how they want to. Preventing Service Users from doing so is abuse, whether it’s a case of It’s important to realise that not all abuse is obvious. By reporting it you aren't making a fuss or a mountain out of a molehill, you're expressing concern for an individual to an authority who can do something to improve the abused individual's quality of life.

BVS looks at all areas of abuse, from the abuse of Service Users to the care staff themselves. Our extensive training courses Safeguarding is personal. Remember that no action can be taken about any kind of abuse with the consent of the abused individual in question.

Below are the DVD training courses offered by BVS looking at Safeguarding Adults.

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