Skills for Care

Skills for Care is the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care in England which is a growing sector that currently has around 17,000 employers and a workforce of around 1.5 million workers contributing an estimated £43 billion to the English economy.

Skills for Care work with employers and other partners to create a fit for purpose qualifications framework and practical resources to develop the skills, knowledge and leadership of the workforce. This helps our sector recruit and retain the right people, who have the rights skills at the right time, to deliver high quality services to people who need care and support in our communities.

Skills for Care worked in partnership with Health Education England and Skills for Health to develop and trial the new 15 Care Certificate standards. All BVS Training resources are mapped to the Care Certificate (2015) Standards.

BVS is the only accredited training video provider to be endorsed by Skills for Care. (Click for details)


Care Certificate Standards (2015)

Standard 1. Understand Your Role
Standard 2. Your Personal Development
Standard 3. Duty of Care
Standard 4. Equality and Diversity
Standard 5. Work in a Person Centred Way
Standard 6. Communication
Standard 7. Privacy and Dignity
Standard 8. Fluids and Nutrition
Standard 9. Dementia and Cognitive Issues
Standard 10. Safeguarding Adults
Standard 11. Safeguarding Children
Standard 12. Basic Life Support
Standard 13. Health and Safety
Standard 14. Handling Information
Standard 15. Infection Prevention and Control


Two frontline managers (played by actors) discuss the benefits of the new qualifications that have replaced NVQ's since January 2011, including the dementia and learning disability pathways.


Skills for Care's Apprenticeship Employer Champions talk about how running Apprenticeship schemes benefit their businesses, their workers and people who use their services

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