Ms Ashburner, 88-year-old care home resident, was rushed to Croydon University Hospital on the 21 March, where she was tested positive for COVID-19 on admission. The Manse Residential Care Home had been treating her as a COVID-19 patient but were waiting for the test results to arrive. 

“I spent 12 full days in hospital being treated with oxygen to support my breathing, it was such a low time for me,” says Ms Ashburner. 

“The nurses were amazing but being away from my home and unable to see any of my friends or the team was so hard" 

Ms Ashburner was discharged from hospital on 2 April back to the care home. Once home, Ms Ashburner was greeted in reception with the most amazing welcome. All the staff were clapping and cheering for her. “I felt very emotional. It was the sudden reminder that I was never alone in this when I was away from The Manse. I felt so loved, everyone was rallying behind me.” 

Ms Ashburner is now virus free and says: “I’m ever so thankful to recover from COVID-19, but it wasn’t just a personal battle. I wouldn’t have got through it without the care and attention of the lovely staff around me.